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Evil Lives Here

I Tried To Prevent This. For 17 years, Kathy Swanson feared her son would one day harm someone. No one believed her - until the day her worst nightmare became a reality. S4, Ep12
20200603030000 +0100 to 20200603040000 +0100

Killing Time

Poker Faced Killer. Thomas Clayton comes home from a poker game to find his wife Kelley murdered. But, when his daughter describes the attacker, he becomes a suspect. S1, Ep2
20200603040000 +0100 to 20200603050000 +0100

Forensic Detectives

Fatal Abductions. In Colorado the mysterious abduction of a young mother ends up as a brutal homicide. With few clues and fewer suspects, the detectives go on the chase. S7, Ep99
20200603050000 +0100 to 20200603060000 +0100


The End Of Innocence. A young woman on the brink of starting her dream job disappears, and it's down to forensic officers to gather the clues that may lead to her whereabouts. S1, Ep8
20200603060000 +0100 to 20200603070000 +0100

FBI Files

Hidden Agenda. The FBI is hot on the trail of bank robbers who leave behind bombs after their crime, but there's more to their cause than meets the eye. S4, Ep2
20200603130000 +0100 to 20200603140000 +0100

FBI Files

Small Town Terror. When a frail, old woman disappears and another elderly couple are murdered, the FBI investigates. Suspicion falls on a 16-year-old boy who has also gone missing. S4, Ep3
20200603140000 +0100 to 20200603150000 +0100

Never Say Goodbye

Evil Lurks. A mother's worst nightmare becomes reality when her son goes missing. The search comes up empty until a motorist makes a horrific discovery. S1, Ep5
20200603150000 +0100 to 20200603160000 +0100

Southern Fried Homicide

Friendship under Fire. When Robyn's husband is found murdered, her friend Carol is right by her side. But will the investigation uncover facts that may threaten their friendship? S1, Ep10
20200603160000 +0100 to 20200603170000 +0100

Forbidden: Dying for Love

Bound By Honor. A young woman has to hide her relationship from her orthodox father and protective brother. But, their heavenly relationship quickly becomes a hellish nightmare. S4, Ep10
20200603170000 +0100 to 20200603180000 +0100


The Devil You Know. 20-year-old Missy Grubaugh, a devout Christian, is saving herself for marriage. But Missy's innocent charms attract the wrong type of men... with deadly results. S1, Ep4
20200603180000 +0100 to 20200603190000 +0100

Animal Cops Detroit

Feline Frenzy. Just outside Detroit, a man has allowed his home to become completely overrun with cats which are virtually feral, extremely aggressive, and living in foul conditions. S4, Ep2
20200603070000 +0100 to 20200603075000 +0100

Animal Cops Detroit

Cold as Ice. Ramos and MacDonald have to deal with an elderly couple whose tiny house is filled with animals. Living conditions are overcrowded and the animals are in bad shape. S4, Ep3
20200603075000 +0100 to 20200603084000 +0100


Lost Angel. 19-year-old Angel Garcia disappears after riding his dirt bike. Friends say he was chased by an SUV before he vanished. Months later, a possible sighting raises hopes. S8, Ep6
20200603084000 +0100 to 20200603093000 +0100

Murder Decoded

Prowling Wolf. A mother and her adult son a shot to death in an apartment complex. With no initial suspects, detectives find answers in shell casings, shoe impressions, and DNA. S1, Ep4
20200603093000 +0100 to 20200603102000 +0100

Who on Earth Did I Marry?

A Certified Horror. When Angela began to date fellow nursing assistant Halinton, she was elated - until his arrest for fathering a baby found in the bed of his mentally ill patient. S2, Ep13
20200603102000 +0100 to 20200603104500 +0100

Who on Earth Did I Marry?

My Life My Nightmare. When Robin met Kevin, she found true love. After nearly 20 years together, Robin never thought she would help convict him of sexually molesting their daughter. S2, Ep14
20200603104500 +0100 to 20200603111000 +0100

Murder Comes to Town

Dorothy Did Right. The murder of beloved church lady, Dorothy Leatherwood, shocks Georgiana, Alabama. Rumours across town see detectives struggle to separate fact from fiction. S4, Ep10
20200603111000 +0100 to 20200603120000 +0100

The Perfect Murder

Skating Death. On Monday, January 28th, 1996, the morning after Super Bowl, a campus worker at Tustin High School, California discovers a bloody corpse on the tennis court. S1, Ep5
20200603120000 +0100 to 20200603130000 +0100

True Conviction

Death Undercover. Nancy Klinger tells her friends that she has the chance of a lifetime. Soon after, she goes missing. It will take police nearly 30 years to solve this mystery. S2, Ep3
20200604010000 +0100 to 20200604020000 +0100

People Magazine Investigates

Somebody's Watching. A fire chief's wife is found burnt to death in her home. But an autopsy reveals the cause of death was a gunshot to the head, shocking a small Louisiana town. S3, Ep3
20200604020000 +0100 to 20200604030000 +0100

Forensic Detectives

Not Forgotten. A man risks everything to find his sister's killer - can a sympathetic detective with a great theory help him? Plus, a sexual predator is getting away with murder. S6, Ep10
20200603190000 +0100 to 20200603200000 +0100

Forensic Detectives

Buried Secrets. When a makeshift cemetery is uncovered by a road, detectives realise a serial killer is at large. Will they be able to catch him before he murders more women? S6, Ep11
20200603200000 +0100 to 20200603210000 +0100

Nightmare Next Door

The Coldest Case. In a small city in Michigan, the murder of Christopher Green sends shivers up the citizens' spines. Detectives follow the few clues they have to a chilling outcome. S5, Ep1
20200603210000 +0100 to 20200603220000 +0100

New: Reasonable Doubt

It Wasn't Me. In 1992, a small-time drug dealer was convicted of murdering a teenage boy. His sister and fiancandeacute;e believe he is serving time for a crime he didn't commit. S3, Ep10
20200603220000 +0100 to 20200603230000 +0100

Evil Online

Crowded House. Teen Jessica turns to the internet to find others who share her interests in edgy music. She makes new friends and moves in with them, soon unable to escape their grip. S2, Ep9
20200603230000 +0100 to 20200604000000 +0100

New: Southern Gothic

The Sinner. When a young husband is shot dead in his Alabama home, police think it's a botched robbery. But a dark secret was hiding between the pews of the local Baptist church. S1, Ep1
20200604000000 +0100 to 20200604010000 +0100