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Ross Kemp and Britain's...

...Volunteer Army. 5/5. Ross meets Sandip, a Chesham resident running 5km each day to raise andpound;5,000 for the NHS. Also in HD. [S]
20200525060000 +0100 to 20200525064500 +0100

Your Chelsea Flower Show

5/5. Nicki Chapman and the team help you make the most of your time in your own garden, including ideas for low-maintenance lawns. Also in HD. [S]
20200525064500 +0100 to 20200525073000 +0100


3/3. Meet the scientists making groundbreaking discoveries about this remarkable animal family. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL]
20200525073000 +0100 to 20200525083000 +0100

The Week in Parliament

BBC Parliament's programme looking back at the week in Westminster presented by Alicia McCarthy. Also in HD. [S]
20200525083000 +0100 to 20200525090000 +0100

Spring: Earth's Seasonal Secrets

4/4. Documentary celebrating spring on planet Earth, and the extraordinary tricks that animals and plants find to rise to the new challenges it brings. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525090000 +0100 to 20200525100000 +0100

BBC News

Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. Also in HD. [S]
20200525100000 +0100 to 20200525130000 +0100

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

4/6. Monty Don helps people create the garden of their dreams. Can two gardening enthusiasts, with definite ideas of their own, work together to achieve one goal? Also in HD. [S]
20200525130000 +0100 to 20200525140000 +0100

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers:...

...Talking Pictures. A look at television appearances made over the years by legendary Hollywood double act Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Also in HD. [S]
20200525140000 +0100 to 20200525145000 +0100

Top Hat

Astaire and Rogers musical. An American dancer falls in love with the guest in his hotel. Also in HD. [1935] [S]
20200525145000 +0100 to 20200525163000 +0100

Flog It!

Paul Martin is in West Somerset at Crowcombe Court, an English mansion which dates back to 1739. Experts Elizabeth Talbot and Thomas Plant examine people's items. Also in HD. [S]
20200525163000 +0100 to 20200525171500 +0100


Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Also in HD. [S]
20200525171500 +0100 to 20200525180000 +0100

Animal Park Families

6/20. Kate Humble and Ben Fogle meet the amazing animal families that call the park home. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525173000 +0100 to 20200525180000 +0100


Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on probably the greatest quiz team in Britain. Also in HD. [S]
20200525180000 +0100 to 20200525183000 +0100

Animal Park

6/20. Kate Humble and Ben Fogle meet the amazing animal families that call the park home. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525183000 +0100 to 20200525190000 +0100

The Farmers' Country Showdown

20/20. Two farming families hope to sell their biodynamic fruit and vegetables and homemade cheese at one of London's oldest farmers markets in Marylebone. Also in HD. [S,SL]
20200526021000 +0100 to 20200526025500 +0100

Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's...

...Lost Heroes. Documentary revealing how two men hacked into Hitler's personal super-code machine. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525190000 +0100 to 20200525200000 +0100

Inside the Factory: Keeping...

...Britain Going. 1/5. Gregg Wallace catches up with the toilet roll factory producing a million rolls every day. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525200000 +0100 to 20200525210000 +0100

Monkman and Seagull's Genius...

...Adventures. 2/3. The duo's genius adventure continues through the first half of the 19th century. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200525210000 +0100 to 20200525220000 +0100


An apparently idyllic town seethes with small-mindedness and worse. With Matt Damon. Contains strong language and some violent scenes. Also in HD. [2017] [S]
20200525220000 +0100 to 20200525234000 +0100

Coronavirus: A Horizon Special...

...- Part 2. The latest research and the big questions about the new coronavirus. Also in HD. [S]
20200525234000 +0100 to 20200526004000 +0100

54 Hours: The Gladbeck Hostage...

...Crisis. 1/2. Two robbers hold up a bank and demand free passage from the police. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [S]
20200526004000 +0100 to 20200526021000 +0100

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

No Description
20200525130000 +0100 to 20200525140000 +0100

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers:...

No Description
20200525140000 +0100 to 20200525145000 +0100

Top Hat

No Description
20200525145000 +0100 to 20200525163000 +0100