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Border Wars

Tricks of the Trade: From decoy cars to secret tunnels, this special episode explores the cunning tricks used by drug dealers to get their goods across the US-Mexico border.
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Ice Road Rescue

Winter Woes: Thord is called out to rescue a trailer and prevent it flooding the roads with its milky cargo. Lone wolf Bjandoslash;rn has a bad day. (S2, ep 5)
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Wicked Tuna

Changing the Tide: The contest is thrown wide open when bad luck forces the top two contenders out of the race. With victory now in their sights, the other boats go for broke. (S7, ep 15)
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Cruise TV With Loveitbookit

Your one-stop-shop for all things cruise; bringing you the hottest destinations, ground-breaking ships and the latest deals to ensure you have a fantastic cruise holiday!
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Megafactories: Aston Martin

Aston Martin HQ in Warwickshire offers an unprecedented look at the design and manufacture of its 1.2 million pound supercar, the customised and coveted 220mph One-77.
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Supercar Megabuild

Sub Zero Porsche: Supercar dealer Alex Prindiville sets Shane and Dan a tough deadline when he promises to create an ice-racing Porsche in just four weeks.
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Strippers: Cars For Cash

50K Cars: The teams splash the cash as they are challenged to buy and break apart cars worth more than andpound;50,000. Will it be the Merc or the BMW that pulls in the profits? (S2, ep 8)
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Air Crash Investigation

Who's In Control? A look into the 2009 crash of Turkish Airlines Flight #195. Just before landing in Amsterdam, the plane mysteriously fell from the sky, killing nine people. (S9, ep 6)
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Air Crash Investigation

Borderline Tactics: Experts uncover something startling that threatens cargo pilots worldwide when they investigate the crash of a US plane at Guantanamo Bay. (S18, ep 4)
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Nazi Megastructures

V1: Hitler's Vengeance Missile: Hitler ordered the development of the V1 in retaliation to Allied bombing raids. The first cruise missile, it changed the face of war forever. (S2, ep 4)
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WWII's Greatest Raids

Strike From The Sky: Uncover how daring missions carried out by elite soldiers changed the course of WWII, beginning with the British light infantry's crucial role in D-Day. (1 of 6)
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Drain The Oceans

London's Secret History: The Thames' water is drained revealing new evidence of how the British capital came to be one of the most powerful cities on Earth.
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Car S.O.S.

Sunbeam Alpine: Tim and Fuzz pull out all the stops as they secretly help ex-mechanic Ray get his beloved 1960s British classic back on the road. (S5, ep 7)
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Air Crash Investigation

Taxiway Turmoil: The pilots' personal lives come under scrutiny after eight people are killed in a two-plane collision on a foggy Detroit runway. (S19, ep 2)
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Banged Up Abroad

Qaddafi's American Prisoner: Captured by Qaddafi's men while fighting with rebels in Libya, Baltimore-born Matthew VanDyke spent nearly six months in solitary confinement. (S10, ep 5)
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Banged Up Abroad

Bad Bromance: Salvation comes from an unlikely place for ex-US naval officer Lemar Burton when drug smuggling lands him behind bars in Colombia. (S11, ep 6)
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Car S.O.S.

Caterham 7: Tim and Fuzz secretly restore a husband and father's beloved two-seater track car as a special thank you from his wife. (S5, ep 7)
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Air Crash Investigation

Lethal Turn: Minutes from the Medan airport runway, Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 crashed into the jungle killing 234 people. Experts examine why it veered so fatally off course. (S16, ep 10)
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Air Crash Investigation

Deadly Display: Experts face one of their toughest ever investigations as they work out how a brand new super jet with an expert crew crashed during a demonstration flight. (S17, ep 5)
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New: Wicked Tuna: North Vs South

All Out War: The competition gets tighter than ever. As every boat races to secure their last few paychecks of the season, whose catch will be enough to take the top spot? (S6, ep 15)
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Supercar Megabuild

Porsche Panamera: Automotive engineers Ralph Hosier and Ranen Rudra modify a Porsche Panamera Hybrid and deliver the ultimate executive supercar. (S1, ep 4)
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Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Brie Larson in the Pearl Islands: The Captain Marvel star will need all her superpowers as she jumps from a helicopter to join Bear on a perilous trek across a remote island. (S5, ep 2)
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