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Stand By Me

Four boys embark on a trip to find a dead body said to be hidden in the nearby woods. Top coming-of-age drama. Strong language/violence/sexual references/flashing images. (1986)(86 mins)
20200121033500 +0000 to 20200121051000 +0000

Rio Grande

Besieged colonel John Wayne battles Apache raiders, but his hardest fight is with his own son. Strong western; a fitting finale to John Ford's legendary Cavalry trilogy. (1950)(101 mins)
20200121051000 +0000 to 20200121071000 +0000


Pacifist farmer James Stewart strives to keep his family out of the American Civil War, but the capture of his youngest son forces him into action. Moving classic. (1965)(101 mins)
20200121071000 +0000 to 20200121090000 +0000

Layer Cake

A drug dealer is trapped between vicious crime bosses and a mountain of stolen ecstasy. Slick gangland thriller starring Daniel Craig, from director Matthew Vaughn. (2004)(112 mins)
20200121090000 +0000 to 20200121110000 +0000

Good Morning Vietnam

As the Vietnam War rages, hell-raising radio DJ Robin Williams brings his unique brand of entertainment to the troops. Comedy-drama. Strong language/flashing images. (1988)(115 mins)
20200121110000 +0000 to 20200121130500 +0000

The Ladykillers (1955)

Five oddball criminals rent rooms from a suspicious octogenarian landlady to plot their latest heist. Oscar-nominated crime comedy with Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers. (1955)(91 mins)
20200121130500 +0000 to 20200121144500 +0000

The Ladykillers

The Coen brothers' stateside revamp of the classic Ealing comedy sees five bungling bank robbers falling foul of their elderly landlady. Starring Tom Hanks and JK Simmons. (2004)(100 mins)
20200121144500 +0000 to 20200121163500 +0000


Two unlikely brothers reunite after years apart to seek out their long-lost mother. Comedy with Danny DeVito. Moderate language/sexual references/stereo sound only. (1988)(102 mins)
20200121163500 +0000 to 20200121183000 +0000

Batman Begins

A billionaire playboy begins a one-man crusade to clean up Gotham City's streets. Christian Bale stars. (2005)(135 mins)
20200121183000 +0000 to 20200121210000 +0000

A Few Good Men

Navy lawyers Tom Cruise and Demi Moore butt heads with top brass Jack Nicholson when a Marine is killed by his comrades at Guantanamo Bay. Courtroom drama. Strong language. (1992)(133 mins)
20200121210000 +0000 to 20200121232000 +0000


Ultraviolent gangster epic from Brian De Palma. Al Pacino is the ambitious Cuban immigrant who builds a drug empire. Strong language/violence/drugs/flashing images. (1983)(164 mins)
20200121232000 +0000 to 20200122021000 +0000

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Mel Gibson crosses a post-apocalyptic wasteland to fight for a small community against gasoline raiders. Classic action. Violence/sexual violence/flashing images. (1981)(91 mins)
20200122021000 +0000 to 20200122035500 +0000