Alba Today

Sealladh andugrave;r bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.
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Piseag and Cuilean/Kit and Pup

40/52. Tha Piseag agus Cuilean a' rannsachadh diofar stuthan; an-diugh tha iad ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn uisge. Kit and Pup investigate the world of materials - today it's water. [S]
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Piseag and Cuilean/Kit and Pup

41/52. Kit and Pup investigate the world of materials - today it's sand. [S] Followed by Bruno.
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Creag nam Buthaidean/Puffin Rock

15/39. While out exploring with May and Mossy, Baba finds an extra-special gift to bring to Oona.
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Padraig Post: Seirbheis Deis...

...agus Sonraichte. 22/26. 'S e an co-landagrave; breith aig Crandigrave;sdean a th'ann. A birthday party has been organised for Crisdean, but will he get to leave the lighthouse?
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77/104. Tha candugrave;isean a' dol frog le Bing nuair a tha tubaist aige le fandograve;n-landagrave;imhe Flop. Things go wrong for Bing when he has an accident with Flop's mobile phone. [S]
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'S E Iasg a Th'Annam (I'm a Fish)

2/52. Tha sinn a' cluinntinn mu dhandegrave;idhinn na dandograve;ighean-beatha aig creachannan-mandograve;ra an diugh. We meet a giant clam today who tells us all about her species and their way of life. [S]
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68/82. Fiona MacKenzie reads Drathais air a' Ghealaich, written and illustrated by Chloe and Mick Inkpen and translated into Gaelic by Morag Stewart. [S]
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Gleann na Mumain/ Moomin Valley

1/26. Tha foighidinn a dhandigrave;th aig taigh na Mandugrave;main nuair a nochdas Brunndail is a cuid chloinne! Patience is a necessity in Momminhouse when Brunndail moves in with her unruly children! [S]
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Buntata Amh/Big Tatties

4/35. Gabh air do shocair! Buntandagrave;ta Amh discovers portion control.
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Geamaichean Gorach

24/26. Tha iad ag iomradh an-diugh agus tha an randegrave;is seachad mus do thandograve;isich i. They're rowing today and the race is over before you know it. [S]
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Saidheans Sporsail/Backyard...

...Science. 14/26. Bring science to life with fun experiments you can try at home. Find out how bubbles stick together, and build a brilliant bouncer with a pair of magnets.
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An Solas Buan/Lighthouses of...

...Scotland. 1/6. A' toirt sandugrave;il air Taighean-Sholais air feadh Alba. A series looking at Scotland's lighthouses.
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Speaking Our Language

8/18. Cothrom Gandagrave;idhlig ionnsachadh le Rhoda NicDhandograve;mhnaill. Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.
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Earrann Eachdraidh/History Shorts

27/50. Sporting history short looking at ball sports.
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An La

Naidheachdan ionadail, nandagrave;iseanta is eadar-nandagrave;iseanta gach landagrave; cuide ri fiosrachadh coimhearsnachd bho BBC ALBA. Local, national and international news and information from BBC ALBA. [S]
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Dealbhan Fraoich

6/8. Tha Fraoch Nic an Deandograve;ir ann an Leandograve;dhas a'dandegrave;anamh dealbh dhathte de dh'Anna NicSuain. Heather Dewar visits Lewis where she draws a colour portrait of Annie MacSween.
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1/5. Tha oidhche mhandograve;r aig Mandagrave;iri aig cuirm nan cearc aice le seann charaid a' nochdadh. Mandagrave;iri's hen do leads to a night full of surprises with the return of an old friend. [S]
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Abair Trusadh

1/4. Criomagan bho chuid de na prandograve;graman aithriseach as fheandagrave;rr bho thasglann Trusadh. Highlights from some of the best documentaries from the Trusadh archive. [S]
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6/6. Ailean Dandograve;mhnallach a' landigrave;bhrigeadh prandograve;gram bho Fandegrave;is Chiandugrave;il Tradfest. Allan MacDonald presents performances from Tradfest music festival.
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Am Fear Cinnidh Og - The Young...

...Clan Commander. Documentary highlighting a year in the life of the young clan commander Iain MacGillivray as he travels the world galvanising the global Clan MacGillivray.
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Seoid a' Chidsin - The Kitchen...

...Coves. 6/6. Tha na fleasgaich a' toirt sealladh air biadh an andograve;ige ach le tionndadh andugrave;r. Cookery programme. The lads revisit the recipes of their youth and give them a modern twist.
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Alba Today

Sealladh andugrave;r bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.
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