Alba Today

Sealladh andugrave;r bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.
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Padraig Post: Seirbheis Deis...

...agus Sonraichte. 12/26. Tha garbh-rathad a' cur bacadh air obair SDS. Pat's deliveries are delayed when an unusual package falls from the back of the van.
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Su Shiusaidh/Little Suzy's Zoo

3/26. Tha Patches a' sealltainn g' eil e fandigrave;or dhandagrave;na. Witzy is scared by night-time shadows but luckily has Patches to look after him.
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Na Bleigeardan/Little Monsters

6/26. Gaelic children's programme. Sue gets into a terrible sulk when her parents tell her that she cannot have a pet elephant.
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Calum Clachair: Gleann na...

...Greine/Bob the Builder: Project Build It!. 13/15. Children's cartoon series featuring Calum the builder and friends, plus animated machinery. Calum and friends prevent the river from flooding. [S]
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Treud na Dluth-choille -...

...Grad-Naidheachd/Jungle Bunch. 10/26. Tha bananathan a cumail Miguel trang! Miguel is preoccupied with banana eating!
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Igam Ogam

8/26. Children's series. Igam Ogam is not happy at all. First of all her bananas disappear and then there is no sign of her toast. What's going on, and who is behind this?
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28/80. Iain MacAonghais a' leughadh Caiptean Wag agus na Mathain Bhandagrave;na. Iain MacInnes reads Caiptean Wag agus na Mathain Bhandagrave;na. [S]
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Alba Today

Sealladh andugrave;r bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.
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Kung Fu Panda

Tha Po dol cuide ri Mantis gu dhachaigh - ged nach eil candugrave;isean buileach mar bhiodh e dandugrave;il. Po accompanies Mantis to his hometown, but things aren't quite as he expected.
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Buntata Amh/Big Tatties

8/35. Tha bandugrave;rn math dhuinn. Buntandagrave;ta Amh discovers an unusual source of water.
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Sealgairean Sporsail/History...

...Hunters. 19/26. Light-hearted look at historic civilisations and their inventions. The History Hunters focus on transport through the ages.
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An Lot (The Croft)

4/6. Series following Donald MacSween as he tries to make it as a full-time crofter. It's time for the sheep sales, but will the lamb prices meet Sweeny's expectations?
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Speaking Our Language

5/18. Cothrom Gandagrave;idhlig ionnsachadh le Rhoda NicDhandograve;mhnaill. Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.
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Earrann Eachdraidh/History Shorts

History short looking back at 1958 Germany.
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An La

Naidheachdan ionadail, nandagrave;iseanta is eadar-nandagrave;iseanta gach landagrave; le sgioba-naidheachd BBC ALBA. Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA. [S]
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Another selection of Gaelic songs and poetry from the First World War, with separation as the theme.
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Opry le Daniel

Opry le Daniel. Leis an teaghlach Quinn. Air aithris le Anna Nic na Ceandagrave;rdaich. Opry le Daniel featuring the Quinn family, narrated by Anne Sinclair. [S]
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Dhan Uisge

7/10. Calum a' feuchainn snandagrave;mh chun an Uaimh Bhinn air eilean Stafa. Calum Maclean attempts to swim in to Fingals Cave on the isle of Staffa. [S]
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Mach a Seo!

Tha Ramsay MacMahon a' teiche andagrave; Glaschu airson deireadh sheachdain anns an andOgrave;ban. Ramsay MacMahon escapes Glasgow for the weekend and heads for Oban.
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Ailean Dandograve;mhnallach a' landigrave;bhrigeadh prandograve;gram bho Fandegrave;is Chiandugrave;il Tradfest. Allan MacDonald presents from Tradfest music festival.
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Leabhraichean-latha a' Chogaidh...

...Mhoir/Great War Diaries. The story of 1914-18 told through the eyes of those who lived through it.
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