This is BBC Two

Highlights of programmes BBC Two.
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Wild and Weird

Alien Encounters. Tim and Naomi search the natural world for all things weird. They look at an alien-like snail and a deep-sea slimer that has fishermen puzzled. Also in HD. [S]
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Top Class

Chantry v Chobham - The Grand Final. Chantry Primary take on Chobham Primary in a quiz show to win the title of Top Class. Also in HD. [S]
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The Dog Ate My Homework

Alexandra v Brochan. Suzi Ruffell presents the comedy panel show, with added mischief from Adam B. Also in HD. [S]
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Blue Peter Fan Club Takeover:...

...Gymnastics and Awesome Animals. Blue Peter Fan Club Takeover: Gymnastics and Awesome Animals. Children's magazine with information, topical items and performance. Also in HD. [S]
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Deadly 60

Indonesia. Wildlife series. Steve Backshall travels to Indonesia in search of three very different reptiles to add to his list of 60 deadly predators. Also in HD. [S]
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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

13/20. Rosie Marcel and Bob Barrett swap scalpels and scrubs for curios and collectibles. Also in HD. [S]
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Baby Chimp Rescue

3/3. The babies learn how to make nests and have their first taste of life in the forest. Contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

Oscar-winning adaptation of the true story. With Shelley Winters. Also in HD. [1959] [S]
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Bowls: World Championships

Rishi Persad presents live semi-final action from the World Indoor Bowls Championships at the Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-On-Sea. Also in HD. [S]
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Flog It!

2/40. In Wiltshire, Mark Stacey comes across a valuable 20th-century Leica camera. Also in HD. [S]
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Equator from the Air

4/4. Gordon Buchanan flies over south east Asia, as booming economies take a toll on wildlife. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Bowls: World Championship...

...Highlights. Highlights from both Open Singles semi-finals at the World Indoor Bowls Championships in Norfolk. Also in HD. [S]
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This is BBC Two

Highlights of programmes BBC Two.
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Hawaii: Earth's Tropical Islands

3/3. Exploring Hawaii, a tropical sanctuary for any wildlife that can reach its remote shores. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Dad's Army

2/7. Classic wartime sitcom. As the first contingent of American soldiers arrives in Walmington-on-Sea, Captain Mainwaring and his troops prepare to welcome them. Also in HD. [S]
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Great American Railroad Journeys

Armed with his 1899 Appleton's Guidebook to Alaska, Michael Portillo begins his journey amid the snow-capped mountains and ice-cold inlets of the Kenai Peninsula. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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8/16. Sandi Toksvig looks at animals which start with q, with Alan Davies, Daliso Chaponda, Phill Jupitus and Cariad Lloyd. Also in HD. [S]
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Untouchable: The Rise and Fall...

...of Harvey Weinstein. The story of the spectacular rise and fall of movie titan Harvey Weinstein. Contains very strong language and some upsetting scenes. Also in HD. [S]
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Z for Zachariah

After a nuclear war, a young woman (Margot Robbie) believes she's the only survivor. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [2015] [S]
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The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

Oscar-winning adaptation of the true story. With Shelley Winters. Also in HD. [1959] [S]
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