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Wanted Down Under Revisited

9/20. Gareth was on a mission to convince wife Jodi that their family's future lay down under. Three years since we last saw them, have they decided to make the move? [S]
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The Farmers' Country Showdown

9/20. Two couples prepare for big sales at Exeter farmers' market. Janet and Andy are hoping to sell some of their chickens, while Liv and Henry are gearing up to sell out of veg. [S]
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The Repair Shop

In the Repair Shop today, Jay and the team tackle a concertina that survived combat in World War I, a vintage jigsaw and a cocktail table with a surprising secret compartment. [S,AD,SL]
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BBC News at 9

The latest headlines, breaking news and sport from the BBC newsroom. [S]
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BBC News

Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. [S]
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Bitesize Daily: Science Week -...

...Day 5. 45/53. Science week comes to a close with physics: forces, friction and inertia. The Big Read concludes and we meet Awesome Scientist of the Day, Isaac Newton. [S]
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Meerkat Manor: The Mission

2/13. Documentary series following a group of meerkats. Flower faces a race against time as she mounts a rescue mission to find her pups. [S,AD]
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Flog It!

Paul Martin presents from the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, where experts Catherine Southon and Jonathan Pratt pick out some gems to value. [S]
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Snooker: The Masters - Extra

Extended highlights from this afternoon's best-of-11 frames quarter-final. [S]
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The Virus vs the Vaccine -...

...Panorama. Panorama asks what it will take to get through this latest, deadly stage of the pandemic. [S,SL]
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The Truth about Boosting Your...

...Immune System. Dr Ronx Ikharia presents the definitive guide, not only to defending yourself against Covid-19, but also boosting your strength for when the cold and flu season is upon us. [S,AD,SL]
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Richard Osman's House of Games

60/100. David Baddiel, Alex Brooker, Sophie Duker and Charlotte Hawkins test their general knowledge skills on this week's House of Games. [S]
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Rick Stein's Cornwall

10/15. Rick heads into the china clay pits to discover what is known locally as white gold. [S,AD]
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Snooker: The Masters

The fourth quarter-final gets underway this evening at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. Live coverage is presented by Seema Jaswal. [S]
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Gardeners' World

2/2. In the second of two special programmes, Monty and the Gardeners' World team look back at the horticultural highlights from the latest series. [S]
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Dolly Parton: Here I Am

A landmark film charting the extraordinary life and music of the queen of country Dolly Parton, with exclusive interviews and archive footage. [S]
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The day's important national and international news stories. With Faisal Islam. [S]
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Weather bulletin. [S]
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Battlestar Galactica

Chance discoveries raise hopes of a new home, threaten the Presidential result and reveal another Cylon face. Deals with adult themes. [S,AD]
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The Planets

5/5. In the final episode, Professor Brian Cox journeys to the remotest part of the solar system, a place that the most mysterious planets call home. [S,AD]
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Snooker: The Masters

Jason Mohammad introduces coverage from the third quarter-final in this year's Masters, where a total prize fund of andpound;725,000 is up for grabs. [S]
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BBC News

Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. [S]
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