Money for Nothing

8/20. EJ Osborne scours Llanfoist Recycling Centre for discarded items he can revive. A sofa bed and armchair, a piano stool and a photographer's lamp have new life breathed into them. [S]
20191017063000 +0100 to 20191017071500 +0100

The Boss

21/25. Susan Calman hosts the quiz show of tactics, knowledge and nerve. Contestants must work as a team, but ultimately there can only be one Boss. [S]
20191017130000 +0100 to 20191017134500 +0100

My Life on a Plate

11/15. Chef Brian Turner takes celebrities back to their youth, using the power of food to jog memories. Astrologer Russell Grant journeys back to his Middlesex childhood. [S,AD]
20191017134500 +0100 to 20191017143000 +0100

Emergency Rescue Down Under

12/15. Following Brits working in Australia's emergency services. A pilot is scrambled to rescue a surfer attacked by a shark, and a flying doctor fights to save a badly injured expat. [S,AD]
20191017143000 +0100 to 20191017150000 +0100

Heir Hunters

13/20. Series following the work of probate researchers. A surprise phone call gets the heir hunters searching for relatives of a well-loved Leicestershire lady. [S,AD]
20191017150000 +0100 to 20191017154500 +0100

The Wonder of Animals

8/12. Chris Packham explores what makes animal groups successful. He looks beneath crocodiles' hard exterior to discover the secret to their 250-million-year history. [S,AD]
20191017154500 +0100 to 20191017161500 +0100

Earth's Greatest Spectacles

1/3. A look at some of earth's greatest spectacles. New England is the stage for an incredible colour change when the greens of summer give way to the golds of autumn. [S,AD]
20191017161500 +0100 to 20191017171500 +0100

Flog It!

Antiques series. Paul Martin presents from Norwich cathedral in Norfolk. Experts Thomas Plant and David Fletcher pick out some items to take to auction. [S]
20191017171500 +0100 to 20191017180000 +0100

Richard Osman's House of Games

9/100. Angellica Bell, Gyles Brandreth, Scarlett Moffatt and Iain Stirling test their general knowledge skills on this week's House of Games. [S]
20191017180000 +0100 to 20191017183000 +0100

Strictly It Takes Two

19/60. Vicky Gill gives an exclusive look at what the couples will be wearing at the weekend. [S]
20191017183000 +0100 to 20191017190000 +0100

Escape to the Perfect Town

8/15. Jonnie Irwin puts the lively market town of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire under the microscope for his house hunters. [S,AD]
20191017071500 +0100 to 20191017080000 +0100

Antiques Roadshow

At Lytham Hall in Lancashire, finds include a rare automaton, a sketch by Lowry, a world-class watch and the medals won by Britain's first black Olympian. [S,SL]
20191017080000 +0100 to 20191017090000 +0100

BBC News at 9

The BBC News at Nine with in-depth discussion and analysis as well as breaking news. [S]
20191017090000 +0100 to 20191017100000 +0100

Victoria Derbyshire

Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. [S]
20191017100000 +0100 to 20191017110000 +0100

BBC Newsroom Live

Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens. [S]
20191017110000 +0100 to 20191017121500 +0100

Politics Live

Andrew Neil and guests discuss the big political issues of the day. [S]
20191017121500 +0100 to 20191017130000 +0100

Japan with Sue Perkins

1/2. Sue Perkins starts her journey in Tokyo, home to 36 million people. She trains with a female sumo wrestling team and meets a family who live with robots. [S,AD,SL]
20191018011500 +0100 to 20191018021500 +0100


Jermaine Jenas and his footballing mates talk about the Premier League. [S]
20191017190000 +0100 to 20191017193000 +0100

The Channel Tunnel - Life on...

...the Inside. 4/4. The next batch of wannabe shuttle drivers has just arrived for the first round of testing. [S]
20191017193000 +0100 to 20191017200000 +0100

Hairy Bikers: Route 66

5/6. The bikers cross the state of Arizona and attend a traditional Navajo barbecue. [S,AD]
20191017200000 +0100 to 20191017210000 +0100


1/8. Tokyo detective Kenzo Mori is sent to London to find the brother he thought was dead, now reappeared and wanted for a vicious killing that threatens to tear both cities apart. [S,AD]
20191017210000 +0100 to 20191017220000 +0100

BBC Arts NI Presents

This film profiles Oliver Jeffers, the massively successful illustrator and children's picture-book maker. Known across the globe, he has sold over 10 million books. [S]
20191017220000 +0100 to 20191017223000 +0100


The day's important national and international news stories with Kirsty Wark. [S]
20191017223000 +0100 to 20191017231000 +0100


Weather bulletin. [S]
20191017231000 +0100 to 20191017231500 +0100

Later... with Jools Holland

Joining Jools on the 54th series are Mark Ronson and five female artists all making their debut on the show. They are Yebba, Sampa the Great, Cate Le Bon, Georgia and PP Arnold. [S]
20191017231500 +0100 to 20191017234500 +0100

Defending The Guilty

5/6. Chambers puts the pupils through their paces in a professionally acted mock trial. Will learns the brutal art of cross-examination from Caroline. Contains some strong language. [S,AD]
20191017234500 +0100 to 20191018001500 +0100

The Unwanted: The Secret...

...Windrush Files. David Olusoga opens secret government files to show how the Windrush scandal and the 'hostile environment' for black British immigrants has been 70 years in the making. [S,AD]
20191018001500 +0100 to 20191018011500 +0100

Home Is Where the Art Is

Nick Knowles challenges three talented artists to create beautiful artwork for people they've never met. [S,AD,SL]
20191018021500 +0100 to 20191018030000 +0100

Dragons' Den

A spiced rum entrepreneur gets the party started with a rock 'n' roll makeover. [S,AD,SL]
20191017033000 +0100 to 20191017043000 +0100

This is BBC Two

Highlights of programmes BBC Two.
20191017043000 +0100 to 20191017063000 +0100