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Wake Me Up!

For those of you who are trying to sleep in, Club MTV brings you tracks to get you dancing your way out of bed!
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Non-Stop Bangerz!

Nothing but the biggest tunes and non-stop bangerz right now on Club MTV!
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Avicii: Official Top 10

Exclusive countdown of Avicii's biggest selling hits, according to the Official Charts Company.
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Club MTV's 50 Most Played Of The..

... 10s! We couldn't get enough of these massive tracks from the past decade, so check out 50 of Club MTV's most played of the 10s!
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Pre-Party! Friday Feels Top 20

The weekend starts here! Club MTV is bringing you the ultimate Friday night pre-party playlist, so grab a drink and get those good vibes flowing...
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Sleepin' Is Cheatin'

Who needs sleep? There's no time for shut eye because we've got the biggest dance tracks right here! Remember, sleepin' is cheatin'.
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Ultimate Ibiza Anthems Of The...

... 10s: Top 50. MTV has handpicked 50 of your favourite Ibiza sized anthems from the past 10 years. Get ready for the ultimate Ibiza playlist!
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Ultimate Urban Bangerz Of The...

... '10s: Top 50. We're going nuts for these urban anthems from the '10s, so turn up the volume and get the party started with these 50 bangerz!
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