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8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett take on Sean Lock and Johnny Vegas. Jimmy Carr hosts. Rachel Riley looks after the numbers. Christopher Bliss joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner. (S21 Ep1)
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Coach Trip: Road to Marbs

Brendan introduces the group to a surprising natural mud spa and teaches them how to lifeguard, with massive dogs! But who needs saving at the vote? (Ep14/30)
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A New Life in the Sun

Two ex-casino employees take on the biggest gamble of their lives as they start anew in the Algarve. A horse lover prepares to move to Italy to open a pony trekking business. (S6 Ep16)
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A Place in the Sun

Fred and Susan want to swap the quieter winter months on their Norfolk farm for the sought-after Mallorcan capital of Palma. Jonnie Irwin shows them what their andpound;265,000 budget can buy.
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A Place in the Sun

Eve and Vinden look for a home in the Gulf Coast of Florida, attracted by its blend of lifestyle, culture and climate. Laura Hamilton shows them five homes for their andpound;100,000 budget.
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Come Dine with Me

Swansea. Performing arts director Anthony pulls up the curtain on his theatre-themed menu. But will a revelation from straight-talking Tula steal the show? (Ep1/5)
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Come Dine with Me

Swansea. Salesman Ross thinks his guests lack class, so he plans a night of culinary sophistication. But he cooks everything to his own taste, including a very rare beef Wellington. (Ep2/5)
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Come Dine with Me

Swansea. Social carer Kola hopes to bring some high-class hip-hop swagger to the competition, with a red-carpet welcome, his mum's Nigerian recipes and a very peculiar dessert. (Ep3/5)
20210126133000 +0000 to 20210126140000 +0000

Come Dine with Me

Swansea. Triathlete Tula brings a taste of the Costa Brava to Wales, with a Spanish menu and dress code. (Ep4/5)
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Come Dine with Me

Swansea. Social worker Julie hosts a chilled-out slumber party for the final night. But she struggles with the pronunciation, as well as the preparation, of some of her ingredients. (Ep5/5)
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The King of Queens

Parent Trapped: Doug and Carrie struggle with the experience of becoming godparents.
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The King of Queens

Tube Stakes: Doug loses his best friend when Carrie leaves the garage door open.
20210126153000 +0000 to 20210126160000 +0000

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA

The saga of Boston eatery La Galleria 33 comes to a dramatic conclusion, as Gordon Ramsay gives restaurant owners and sisters Rita and Lisa an ultimatum.
20210126160000 +0000 to 20210126170000 +0000

A Place in the Sun

Mandy and Paul from Sussex want to make a permanent move to the Spanish town of Dolores with their six cats and rescue dog. Jasmine Harman shows them five properties for their andpound;185k budget.
20210126170000 +0000 to 20210126180000 +0000

A Place in the Sun

Widower John is ready to make a new life for himself, by retiring to the Spanish countryside of inland Mandaacute;laga. With a budget of andpound;140,000, Danni Menzies helps John find the perfect place.
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Junior Bake Off

On day two of finals week, the remaining bakers make Japanese-inspired creations, complete with intricate pipe designs, and delicious tartlets that bring together two flavours. (S2 Ep12)
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Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night...

...Feast: Joe Lycett joins Jamie and Jimmy as they transform him into an Italian nonna and make traditional wild boar and pappardelle ragu. Plus: veggie tikka masala, and BBQ ribs. (S8 Ep3)
20210126200000 +0000 to 20210126210000 +0000

Grand Designs

Nathan and Amye are building a cathedral-like home modelled on local Dutch barn houses with a sleek twist and a 5000-tile armadillo roof. But the pressure mounts for project manager Nathan.
20210126210000 +0000 to 20210126220000 +0000

Kirstie and Phil's Love It or...

...List It: In Edinburgh, Gary and Bill are torn over their four-bed home set in the grounds of a graveyard. Bill loves its quirkiness, but Gary hates the higgledy-piggledy layout. (S6 Ep4)
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Escape to the Chateau: Make Do...

...and Mend: Dick helps Sam transform her garden, Angel offers Gill upholstery advice, and together, they help a couple with compact camping. Plus there's a party at the chateau. (Ep4)
20210126230500 +0000 to 20210127001000 +0000

24 Hours in AandE

A 63-year-old builder has fallen from a height. While his daughter tells of her dad's many sacrifices, a teenager who's been hit by a car arrives with possible brain injuries. (S23 Ep3)
20210127001000 +0000 to 20210127011500 +0000

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George meets one couple turning a camper into a HGV caravan, and another creating a retreat from a railway carriage. And George and Will learn how to take photos with a beer can. (S10 Ep3)
20210127011500 +0000 to 20210127022000 +0000

Devon and Cornwall

On Bodmin Moor, apple farmer and cider maker Tom Bray creates a special centenary blend of sparkling cider. In Cornwall, local artists raise money to build a new granite walkway. (S3 Ep2)
20210127022000 +0000 to 20210127032500 +0000

A Place in the Sun

Eve and Vinden look for a home in the Gulf Coast of Florida, attracted by its blend of lifestyle, culture and climate. Laura Hamilton shows them five homes for their andpound;100,000 budget.
20210126113000 +0000 to 20210126123000 +0000