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Summer Saps

Made in 1929. Directed by Lupino Lane and starring Sybil Grove Wallace Lupino andandnbsp;Blanche Payson. It's time for a trip to the seaside and the family holiday. Expect slapstick laughs and lots of rain!
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Reilly: Ace of Spies

After Moscow. 1983. Stars: Sam Neill, Norman Rodway, Tom Bell. Reilly arranges a two hundred and fifty million dollar loan for Krassin and the Bolsheviks.
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The Rogues

1965. Death of a Fleming. Gig Young, David Niven and Charles Boyer are The Rogues, members of two related families of international forgers and conmen.
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Railways For Ever!

11 August 1968 is a highly significant date in British railway history, marking the official end of regular mainline steam operation. As we see the last steam train crossing the Pennines.
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They Met in the Dark

1943. Mystery. Director: Karel Lamac. Stars: James Mason, Joyce Howard, Tom Walls. During WW2, a Royal Navy Commander stumbles upon a murdered woman and discovers a network of Nazi spies
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The March Hare

1956. Comedy. Director: George More O'Ferrall. Stars Peggy Cummins and Terence Morgan, Wilfrid Hyde White. Sir Charles Hare gambles his all on his horse at Ascot, but the horse is 'pulled' from the race
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The Girl From Manhattan

1948. Comedy. Director by Alfred E. Green. Stars Dorothy Lamour, George Montgomery and Charles Laughton. A model and a young reverend return to their hometown and to each other.
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Twist or Stick

It's a 1960s twisting compilation see 'The Hollies' Shane Fenton and The Fentones, The Orchids, The Keytones, a lot of 'That Old Yeah, Yeah Feeling' and much more.
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King of the Underworld

1952. Crime. Director: Victor M. Gover. Stars Tod Slaughter, Patrick Barr, Tucker McGuire and Ingeborg Von Kusserow. A crook is implicated in blackmail, greed for emeralds, a secret formula and murder.
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Laurel and Hardy Musical Moments

Join Laurel and Hardy! One of the screens greatest comedy pairs as we celebrate all their best 'musical moments' in this 8mm short film from Walton films.
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The Big Job

1965. Comedy. A gang of crooks are caught on a big job. 15 years later they find their loot is now buried under a police station. Stars Sidney James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery and Joan Sims.
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The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Jongleur. 1956. Stars: Richard Greene, Victor Woolf and Archie Duncan. A jongleur apparently on the run from the Sheriff meets up with Robin.
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Robin's Nest

A Man of Property. Stars Tony Britton, Tessa Wyatt and Richard O'Sullivan. Robin gets a shock when Vicky waddles in with an enormous baby bump
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Noose for a Lady

1953. Crime. Stars: Dennis Price, Rona Anderson and Ronald Howard. A taut, complex whodunit with a brilliantly nerve-racking climax. The directorial debut of director Wolf Rilla.
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Scotland Yard

1957. The Mail Van Murder. Directed by John Knight. Starring Hy Hazell, Dennis Castle and Gordon Needham. Supt. Hammond hunts down the boss of a gang that stole a mail van. (S1, E23)
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Rescue By The Rails

Produced by Burton Benjamin and written by Rod Reed. Mary and John's romance is doomed by her father's disapproval, until John gets the chance to redeem himself in this comedy short
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Scales of Justice

1963. The Invisible Asset. Stars Edgar Lustgarten and Kenneth J. Warren. A restaurant owner bugs one of his tables with a hidden microphone to blackmail his customers. (S1, E06)
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Battle of The Sexes

1960. Directed by Charles Crichton. Stars Peter Sellers, Robert Morley and Constance Cummings. The demise of MacPherson allows Angela Barrows to contemporise a men only factory shaking it to the core.
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An Endangered Species. 1979. Stars John Mills, Simon MacCorkindale, Brewster Mason. Kapp attempts to repair his equipment in order to contact the alien presence.
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That'll Be The Day

1973. Drama. Directed by Claude Whatham. Stars David Essex, Ringo Starr and Rosemary Leach. David Essex makes his screen debut as Jim MacLaine, who lives a life of dead-end jobs and one-night stands.
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The Hunter

1980. Drama. Directed by Buzz Kulik. Stars Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, Kathryn Harrold, LeVar Burton. A veteran bounty hunter risks all in bringing bail jumpers to justice.
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The Seekers

1954. Adventure. Director: Ken Annakin. Stars: Jack Hawkins, Glynis Johns, Noel Purcell, Kenneth Williams. In 1821, one of the first British sailors to visit New Zealand, befriends a Maori chief.
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They Met in the Dark

1943. Mystery. Director: Karel Lamac. Stars: James Mason, Joyce Howard, Tom Walls. During WW2, a Royal Navy Commander stumbles upon a murdered woman and discovers a network of Nazi spies
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