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The Man Who Gave a Damn

2016. Documentary. Director: Thomas Hamilton. Stars Derek Partridge, Norman Spencer and Matthew Sweet. Intimate and compelling documentary on the life and career of Leslie Howard (1893-1943).
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TPTV With Craig Douglas

An exclusive interview with Craig Douglas, a popular singer in the late 50s early 60s who also appeared in the 1962 film 'It's Trad, Dad!' with Helen Shapiro.
20191017052500 +0100 to 20191017060000 +0100

Scarlet Thread

1951. Crime drama directed by Lewis Gilbert and starring Kathleen Byron, Laurence Harvey and Sydney Tafler. Two high flying crooks take part in a robbery that goes very wrong.
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Stormy Crossing

1958. Drama directed by CM Pennington-Richards. Stars John Ireland, Derek Bond and Joy Webster. A story of a fateful cross channel swim. Great shots of Dover in the 50s.
20191017073500 +0100 to 20191017090000 +0100

The Day Will Dawn

1942. War. Director: Harold French. Stars Deborah Kerr, Ralph Richardson and Hugh Williams. A British foreign correspondent, forced out of Norway, returns to the occupied Scandinavian country.
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Stagecoach West

Songs My Mother Taught Me. Western with Wayne Rogers and Robert Bray, who run a stagecoach line in the Old West where they come across a wide variety of killers, robbers and ladies in distress
20191017110000 +0100 to 20191017120000 +0100

Jazz Boat

1960. Musical. Director Ken Hughes. Stars Anthony Newley, Bernie Winters, James Booth, Lionel Jeffries and Anne Aubrey. An electrician is summoned to assist a gang in a big robbery.
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Susan P1. Stars Jane Wymark, Bryan Marshall, Sylvia Kay. Two part weekly dramas concerning the various drifters who rent rooms in a lodging house.
20191017140000 +0100 to 20191017143000 +0100

The Hypnotist

1957. Drama. Directed by Montgomery Tully. Stars Roland Culver, Patricia Roc and Paul Carpenter. A hypnotist attempts to convince one of his patients to murder his own wife.
20191017143000 +0100 to 20191017162000 +0100

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre

Clue of the twisted Candle. 1960. Directed by Allan Davis. Stars Bernard Lee, David Knight and Francis de Wolff. Meredith investigates a man in fear of his life and a young shooter.
20191017162000 +0100 to 20191017173000 +0100

Robin's Nest

The Seven Pound Fiddle. Stars: Richard O'Sullivan, Tessa Wyatt and Tony Britton. Burke returns to the bistro after finding a poster and talk of being sued leads to a desperate search.
20191017173000 +0100 to 20191017180000 +0100

The Boys

1962. Crime drama starring Richard Todd, Robert Morley, Dudley Sutton and Jess Conrad. When a nightwatchman is murdered, four young men are put on trial. Cleverly directed by Sidney J. Furie.
20191017180000 +0100 to 20191017203000 +0100

The Boys Reunion

2017. Footage of the QandA filmed at Elstree Studios where Jess Conrad, Tony Garnett and Dudley Sutton, discuss their memories of working with Sidney J Furie and the other members of the cast.
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The Human Jungle

Fine Feathers. 1963. Stars Herbert Lom. A young couple seem to be living above their means. Penny claims she's using a legacy to shower her husband with gifts. Guest stars Jane Merrow. (S1, E08)
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Cry, The Beloved Country

1951. Drama. Directed by Zoltan Korda. Stars Canada Lee, Sidney Poitier and Charles Carson. A South African minister searches for his missing son, only to find his people living in squalor.
20191017220000 +0100 to 20191018001000 +0100


1980. Drama. Director: Stuart Rosenberg. Stars Robert Redford, Yaphet Kotto, Jane Alexander and Morgan Freeman. The new warden of an Arkansas prison farm attempts to clean up the corruption of the staff
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