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Take Two

Sally Thomsett Interview. Our new series Take Two. Well-known faces from much loved British films and classic television shows talk about their lives and careers in the business. (S1, E04)
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The Human Jungle

Ring of Hate. 1965. Stars Herbert Lom. Why does Leigh Garner, training for a boxing championship, react so violently against his father? Guest stars Dudley Sutton and Bernard Lee. (S2, E05)
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Saints and Sinners

1965. New Lead Berlin. Human stories uncovered by the reporters of the New York City 'Record' newspaper. (S1, E17)
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Unpublished Story

1942. War. Director: Harold French. Stars Richard Greene, Valerie Hobson and Basil Radford. A war correspondent during WW2 returns to London and becomes suspicious of a peace organisation.
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Arthur And Kitty

A look into the lives of Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane and the development of the great comedy, Old Mother Riley.
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Talkies: John Finch and Wartime Life

John Finch, Creator of A Family At War, discusses why it was important to tackle difficult aspects of wartime life.
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Chance of a Lifetime

1950. Comedy. Director: Bernard Miles. Stars Basil Radford, Bernard Miles, Kenneth More, Patrick Troughton and Hattie Jacques. The staff of an engineering firm take over after going on strike.
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Petula Clark: The Day Begins Early

Glimpses: A behind the scene look at Petula Clark's working day in 1948, from a lost news piece.
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Vendetta For The Saint

1969. Action. Director: Jim O'Connolly. Stars Roger Moore, Aimi MacDonald, Ian Hendry and Rosemary Dexter. Set in Naples, an elegant thief is outraged after witnessing the murder of a British banker.
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Nell Gwyn

1934. Period drama directed by Herbert Wilcox. Nell (Anna Neagle) captivates King Charles (Cedric Hardwicke) and fights off the royal insiders.
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Black Saddle

1959. Stars Peter Breck. After his brothers are killed, a gunfighter decides to hang up his guns and uphold the law by becoming a lawyer. (S1, E33)
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BFI: The Hospital Nurse

1941. Factual. Director: Francis Searle. Recruitment film presenting an ideal view of the nursing profession, which is likely to have been in stark contrast with the daily experience of wartime nurses
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Fort Algiers

1953. Drama. Director: Lesley Selander. Stars Yvonne De Carlo, Carlos Thompson and Raymond Burr. In northwest Africa, a tribal leader tries to stir up a rebellion against the ruling powers.
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Dance Little Lady

1954. Drama. The story of a successful dancer who fights with her husband for the attention of their daughter. Starring Terence Morgan, Mai Zetterling and Guy Rolfe.
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Scotland Yard

1959. The Unseeing Eye. Directed by Geoffrey Muller. Starring Russell Napier, John Stone and Denny Dayviss. A night worker returning home sees smoke and flames coming from a building. (S1, E30)
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BFI: Lock Your Door

1949. Thriller. Directed by Anthony Gilkison. Algernon Blackwood tells his gothic story, from the series 'A Strange Experience'.
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White Cradle Inn

1947. Drama. Director: Harold French. Stars Michael Rennie and Madeleine Carroll. During the war, many children were evacuated beneath the Swiss Alps, one of which is billeted with the local Inn owners.
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Take Two

Madeline Smith Interview. Our new series Take Two. Well-known faces from much loved British films and classic television shows talk about their lives and careers in the business. (S1, E02)
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Tell Me Another

Stories About Other Personalities and Friends In Showbusiness. 1976. Personal anecdotes as told to Dick Hills. This episode stars Ray Alan, Roy Hudd, Millicent Martin and Reg Varney. (S1, E15)
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The Human Jungle

Wild Goose Chase. 1965. Stars Herbert Lom. A teenager dreams up a detailed account of a non-existent attack upon herself for the police. Guest stars Francesca Annis and Faith Brook. (S2, E11)
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Ballad In Blue

1964. Drama. Director: Paul Henreid. Stars Ray Charles, Tom Bell, Dawn Addams and Mary Peach. During a performance for blind children, star Ray Charles befriends a young boy who has lost his sight.
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Glimpses - The Masked Racer

The mysterious Masked Racer seems to be unbeatable, until a dangerous crash forces him to reveal his identity.
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1980. Drama. Director: Stuart Rosenberg. Stars Robert Redford, Yaphet Kotto, Jane Alexander and Morgan Freeman. The new warden of an Arkansas prison farm attempts to clean up the corruption of the staff
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White Cargo

1973. Comedy. Day-dreamer, Albert (David Jason) has hopes of being a superhero and saving the girls.
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The Human Jungle

Conscience on a Rack. 1965. Stars Herbert Lom. Life's become a nightmare for Dorothy. She can't bring herself to tell Dr. Corder why she's being blackmailed. Guest stars Flora Robson. (S2, E06)
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Saints and Sinners

1965. All The Hard Young Men. Human stories uncovered by the reporters of the New York City 'Record' newspaper. (S1, E18)
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Courageous Mr. Penn

1942. Drama. Director: Lance Comfort. Stars Clifford Evans, Deborah Kerr and Dennis Arundell. Mr. Penn's deeds are told in this portrait of the founder of both the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Colony.
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Black Saddle

1959. Stars Peter Breck. After his brothers are killed, a gunfighter decides to hang up his guns and uphold the law by becoming a lawyer. (S1, E34)
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The Traitor

1957. Drama. Directed by Michael McCarthy. Starring Anton Diffring and Christopher Lee. Survivors of a WW2 resistance group meet at a country house to find out which of them had betrayed their leader.
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Dick Tracy (1937)

1937. Thriller. Directors: Alan James and Ray Taylor. Stars Ralph Byrd, Kay Hughes and Smiley Burnette. A criminal puts the famous detective's brother under a spell and turns him against his sibling.
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Glimpses: Fitness Wins the Game

Made in 1940 and directed by Donald Carter. An educational short, see Leeds play Derby, learn the art of cycling, cricket, running clubs and male fitness clubs
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Innocents In Paris

1953. Comedy. Director: Gordon Parry. Stars Margaret Rutherford, Alastair Sim, Jimmy Edwards and Ronald Shiner. A diverse group of people fly to Paris and find the city changes their lives in some way.
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The Big Trail

1930. Western. Director: Raoul Walsh. Stars John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill and Tyrone Power Sr. Breck Coleman agrees to lead and protect pioneers trying to make their way on the treacherous Oregon Trail
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Too Many Crooks

1959. Comedy. Directed by Mario Zampi and starring Terry-Thomas, George Cole and Sidney James. 'Fingers' runs an unsuccessful gang. When they decide to rob a wealthy man, things don't go to plan.
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Arctic Highway - Glimpses

Short vintage documentary film about Finland following the 1000-mile road from its historic capital via the farms and traditional people of the countryside to the Arctic coast.
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1989. Sci-Fi. Director: Michael Anderson. Stars Kris Kristofferson, Cheryl Ladd, Daniel J Travanti and Robert Joy. Bill smith falls in love with a woman from the future on a mission to save humanity.
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The Big Money

1956. Comedy. Directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Ian Carmichael, Belinda Lee and Leslie Philips. A petty thief gets more than he bargained for when he steals a briefcase full of money.
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1960. Musical. Director: Walter Lang. Stars Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Louis Jourdan and Maurice Chevalier. Simone's Parisian Nightclub performs the can-can every night, despite being outlawed.
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The House In Marsh Road

1960. Horror directed By Montgomery Tully and starring Patricia Dainton, Sam Kydd and Sandra Dorne. Jean is left a house and hopes it will be the fresh start they need but the house has other ideas.
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The Boston Strangler

1968. Drama. Director: Richard Fleischer. Stars Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, George Kennedy and Sally Kellerman. When a string of women in Boston start turning up dead, the police launch an investigation.
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