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Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge

Part 1: College friends Molly and Ryan spend countless hours studying and inspiring each other to dream. But can their unspoken love survive? (2017)
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Christmas in Homestead

Visiting a small town to shoot a holiday movie, a famous actress learns the true meaning of the season when she falls for a local innkeeper. (2016)
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Love at the Parade

Opposites attract when Thanksgiving Day Parade organiser Emily clashes with Henry, a wealthy consultant brought in to analyse the parade's finances. (2012)
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Christmas with Holly

Maggie, the manager of a toy store, befriends a handsome coffee shop owner whose niece Holly hasn't spoken since her mother's death. (2012)
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The Magic Stocking

When a young widow finds a tattered old Christmas stocking at a holiday craft sale, she soon discovers that it has magical powers. (2015)
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Charming Christmas

When a young businesswoman plays Mrs Claus at her family's department store over Christmas, her life begins to take some unexpected turns. (2015)
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The Nine Lives of Christmas

When a handsome fireman adopts a cat at Christmas time, he changes his confirmed bachelor ways and finally opens his heart to the love of a beautiful veterinary student. (2014)
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A Christmas Hero

A firefighter falls in love with a famous figure skater and must convince everyone that she deserves his heart more than his former partner. (2016)
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Lucky Christmas

A single mother is devastated when her winning lottery ticket goes missing, but when she suddenly meets a charming man, has her luck finally turned? (2011)
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My One Christmas Wish

With Christmas just around the corner, a lonely college student places an ad to find a family to spend the holidays with. Stars Amber Riley. (2015)
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My Christmas Dream

When shop manager Christina falls for the artist helping with her Christmas displays, she's torn between a new job in Paris and following her heart. (2016)
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Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge

Part 2: Seven years on, Ryan and Molly are reminded of their plans for a future together, which never happened. Can they open their hearts to a second chance? (2017)
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Christmas in Canaan

Festive drama starring Billy Ray Cyrus. In a rural Texas town, a tough young farm hand and a bookish black boy fight, only to later become friends. (2009)
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Family for Christmas

After a conversation with an office party Santa Claus, Hannah wakes up one morning to find herself married to her college sweetheart with two kids! (2015)
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Christmas in the Air

When professional organiser Lydia meets frazzled Robert, she has only 12 days to help him get his life in order before his big Christmas pitch. (2017)
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A Rose for Christmas

When artist Andy's father gets ill, she has to take over the building of the Christmas Rose Parade float for a difficult client. (2017)
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Workaholic Melody finds herself in an alternate universe where she's married to her old sweetheart. Can she get back - and does she want to? (2013)
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A Rodeo And Juliet Christmas

When city girl Juliet heads to her family's ranch for Christmas, she meets a horse named Rodeo and a handsome young cowboy who both change her life. (2015)
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The Christmas Shepherd

A war widow is devastated when her German Shepherd disappears. When a single father finds him, she discovers that love appears when least expected. (2014)
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The Christmas Gift

After an anonymous gift changes reporter Megan's life, she searches for her mysterious benefactor. (2015)
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Looks Like Christmas

When two parents fight for control over holiday celebrations at their kids' school, they realise they have more in common than they thought. (2016)
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Christmas in the City

When Wendy takes a job at a department store over Christmas, she has to help bring back the holiday spirit when her manager fires Santa. (2013)
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