Lost Gold of the Dark Ages

Experts reveal a picture of the Dark Ages unlike anything previously imagined as they unravel the mysteries of the treasure hoard unearthed by a metal detector enthusiast in 2009.
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Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard

The incredible story of the 1,600-piece treasure hoard worth over three million pounds, found in 2009 by a metal detecting enthusiast.
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Car S.O.S.

Plans to restore a beloved 1963 Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider grind to a halt when its owner is hit by a crippling medical condition. Can Tim and Fuzz work their motoring magic? (S3, ep 8)
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Car S.O.S.

Fiat 500: A small car turns out to be a big challenge for Tim and Fuzz as they secretly fix up a 1967 Fiat 500. Can they breathe new life into owner Duncan's Italian icon? (S5, ep 6)
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Strippers: Cars For Cash

Small And Sporty: The teams track down an MGB GT and a seminal Mazda MX-5 as they are challenged to find and strip small and sporty cars. Which will be worth the most in spare parts?
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Air Crash Investigation

Deadly Design: Quick-thinking Captain Frank Geib saved Northwest Airlines Flight 85 from a horrific disaster in 2002. What had gone wrong 35,000 feet in the air?
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Air Crash Investigation

Grand Canyon Disaster: Experts investigate the collision of two planes over the Grand Canyon in 1956, uncovering a frightening problem that threatened the entire aviation system.
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Nazi Megastructures

Fortress Berlin: A look at the extraordinary defences and kill zones that surrounded Hitler's bunker in Berlin, a subterranean safehouse protected by 13-foot-thick walls.
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Cruise TV With Loveitbookit

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Nazi Megastructures: Battle Ready

Hitler's Flying Force: Hitler fast tracked a revolutionary air force in the build-up to WWII, creating two deadly new bombers designed to annihilate the enemy from above.
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WW2: Hell Under The Sea

Atlantic Showdown: In 1943, two Allied convoys carrying vital supplies for the war effort set out for Britain. What followed was the largest convoy battle of the Second World War.
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Hitler's Last Stand

Nazi Fortress: The Allies target the Nazi-held port of Brest. But when flame-throwing tanks fail, it takes an explosive solution to bring down the fort's walls. (1 of 4)
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Car S.O.S.

The Rover's Return Car: Tim and Fuzz surprise Steve, whose health problems left him unable to restore his beloved 1978 Rover P6. Against the odds, can they secretly fix up his car?
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Chasing UFOs

Game Of Drones: The team conducts a daring investigation into reports that strange orbs trailed a NASA space shuttle's launch into space. Were aliens spying on the mission? (S1, ep 6)
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UFOs: The Untold Stories

Experts investigate UFO sightings that allegedly triggered a bizarre and frightening set of events in Sicily. They also delve into the mysterious disappearance of a pilot in 1970.
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Car S.O.S.

The Rover's Return Car: Tim and Fuzz surprise Steve, whose health problems left him unable to restore his beloved 1978 Rover P6. Against the odds, can they secretly fix up his car?
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World War I Apocalypse

Fury: Series exploring the milestones of the Great War and the most harrowing and heroic stories of famous and unsung soldiers and civilians across the world. (1 of 5)
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Air Crash Investigation

Fatal Climb: An accident or an act of murder? Investigators call in the FBI when Romania suffers the deadliest air disaster in its history. (S18, ep 6)
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New: Witness To Disaster

Chilean Mine Rescue: Shocking footage reveals what happened when a Chilean mine collapsed, trapping 33 men half a mile underground. Their rescue became a race against the clock. (S1, ep 1)
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New: Air Crash Investigation...

...Special Report. Fuel Trouble: Three mysterious accidents, one deadly culprit. Experts investigate fatal fires and malfunctions, including a deadly ditch in the Amazon. (S2, ep 5)
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New: Airport Security: First Class

Detained and Defiant: Two drug-carrying sisters break down under the agents' pressure. A drunk man makes a big confession and a man carrying cocaine crumbles under questioning. (S2, ep 4)
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Air Crash Investigation

Killer in the Cockpit: Experts take a closer look at what happened when suicidal pilots decided to take their own lives in the air. (S1, ep 6)
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