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The Seven Year Hitch

Kevin and Jennifer are just good friends. But when Jennifer announces plans to wed boyfriend Bryce, Kevin claims she's already married - to him. (2012)
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Moonlight in Vermont

When Fiona bumps into her ex and his new girlfriend at her family's Vermont inn, she asks the handsome head chef to pretend to be her boyfriend. (2017)
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Sweet Home Carolina

Diane, a struggling single mom from LA, inherits a house in rural South Carolina - but she has to live there for a year before it's hers. (2017)
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Tulips in Spring

When an interior designer returns home to help out at her family's tulip farm, she begins a blossoming romance with a handsome 'flower broker'. (2016)
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The Story of Us

Jamie's neighbourhood bookshop is threatened by a new development, and the architect is Sawyer, her ex. Might their past help them find common ground? (2019)
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Valentine in the Vineyard

Frankie and Nate are back on the vineyard, and this time there's a secret wedding to plan. (2019)
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A Moving Romance

Emily inherits her family's moving company and immediately butts heads with manager Scott, who thought he was being groomed to take over. (2016)
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Flip That Romance

When rival renovators flip dual sides of a duplex, old romantic feelings are rekindled. (2018)
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Truly, Madly, Sweetly

A cupcake baker and a divorced dad are thrown into business together when they jointly inherit a history bakery site. (2018)
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Love, Unleashed

Hailey falls for single dad Ryan after the pair meet at a puppy party, with their romance progressing alongside the adoption of a dog. (2019)
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Ring by Spring

Caryn has always felt marriage would compromise her independence. She is forced to reassess when a fortune teller predicts a spring wedding. (2014)
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