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New: Billions

New and Exclusive. The New Decas: Bobby Axelrod reaches a major milestone. Meanwhile, Chuck struggles to get his bearings as he and Wendy navigate a new normal. Strong language. (S5, ep 1)
20201021030000 +0100 to 20201021041000 +0100


A Word to the Wise: More white inmates are transferred out of Em City, and Ryan shows his love for Dr. Nathan. (S4, ep 6)
20201021041000 +0100 to 20201021052000 +0100

Fish Town

Competition is fierce as local merchant Robert and wife Kelly open up a fish and chip restaurant. Plus, follow the journey of the turbot as it goes from sea to the dinner plate. (4/10)
20201021052000 +0100 to 20201021061000 +0100


Shrink Wrap: Dexter visits a shrink suspected of murder, only to be surprised by a dark secret from his past. (S1, ep 8)
20201021133000 +0100 to 20201021144000 +0100

Tin Star

Bait: With Jim banished from their home, Angela takes her family's safety into her own hands. Whitey executes a ruthless plan to bring Jim into his sights. (S1, ep 5)
20201021144000 +0100 to 20201021154000 +0100

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Early Rollout: The team investigate the execution-style murder of a porn-star and her husband, Catherine receives her evaluation and Sara's personal life is questioned. (S4, ep 15)
20201021154000 +0100 to 20201021164000 +0100

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Getting Off: The CSIs investigate two cases, one involving a clown and the other a local charity worker who helped out in a drug rehabilitation centre. (S4, ep 16)
20201021164000 +0100 to 20201021174000 +0100

The Leftovers

Off Ramp: Laurie writes a tell-all book, and asks Tom to help rescue a troubled Guilty Remnant recruit, but his infiltration of the cult uncovers new problems. (S2, ep 3)
20201021174000 +0100 to 20201021184500 +0100


Circle of Friends: While Rita's menacing ex-husband is released, the Ice Truck killer is finally apprehended. (S1, ep 7)
20201021184500 +0100 to 20201021195000 +0100

Richard E Grant's Hotel...

...Secrets. New Orleans: The actor visits the finest hotels in the Big Easy, including the Monteleone, popular with writers such as F Scott Fitzgerald. (S2, ep 4)
20201021070000 +0100 to 20201021080000 +0100

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Suckers: Grissom, Sara and Nick investigate a deathly electrocution at a Japanese casino and find that the murder was acting as an elaborate distraction for a bigger scheme... (S4, ep 13)
20201021080000 +0100 to 20201021090000 +0100

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Paper Or Plastic?: It's a mammoth task for the CSI team when a grocery store shoot-out results in five deaths, a large crime scene and an enormous amount of evidence to collate. (S4, ep 14)
20201021090000 +0100 to 20201021100000 +0100

Ray Donovan

Get Even Before Leavin': Still unable to shake the Russians, Ray resorts to helping Micky recover the money he lost in the casino heist. (S4, ep 5)
20201021100000 +0100 to 20201021111000 +0100

Ray Donovan

Fish and Bird: Ray awaits news on whether Belikov will be released from jail, and struggles with his conscience over putting a pimp back on the streets. (S4, ep 6)
20201021111000 +0100 to 20201021122000 +0100


Circle of Friends: While Rita's menacing ex-husband is released, the Ice Truck killer is finally apprehended. (S1, ep 7)
20201021122000 +0100 to 20201021133000 +0100