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The Princess Bride

(1987) Fantasy adventure with Cary Elwes and Robin Wright. A lowly farmhand sets out to prove himself worthy of the princess he has fallen in love with. But many obstacles lie in their way.
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The Simpsons Movie

(2007) Animated comedy. Homer's love for a pig causes world-threatening pollution and Springfield to be enclosed by a huge dome. D'oh! Will he do the decent thing and save his neighbours?
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Mrs Doubtfire

(1993) Comedy starring Robin Williams and Sally Field. A failing actor dresses in drag to fool his estranged wife into hiring him as a housekeeper so he can spend more time with his kids.
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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out...

...of Water: (2015) Surreal animated adventure. When the recipe for Mr Krabs' Krabby Patties vanishes, Bikini Bottom is plunged into anarchy. So SpongeBob sets out to put things right.
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A Thousand Words

(2012) Comedy. Eddie Murphy stars as a truth-bending literary agent who finds himself in danger of literally talking himself to death after he's cursed by a New Age author he upset.
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The Midnight Meat Train

(2008) Gory horror starring Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones. A New York photographer investigates disappearances on the subway and discovers a serial killer. Violence/strong language.
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(2017) Violent action-thriller with Jamie Foxx. When a corrupt cop steals a cocaine shipment, it prompts the kidnapping of his son and interest from Internal Affairs. Very strong language.
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True Grit

(2010) Western. When a farmer is murdered, his daughter seeks the help of a US Marshal to track down the culprit. With Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin and Matt Damon. Violence.
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