The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Also in HD. [S]
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BBC News

The latest national and international stories as they break. Also in HD. [S]
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Jay Blades' Home Fix

8/10. Jay demonstrates an effective window-cleaning hack using a few everyday items, while Sarah offers advice on building a garden wall out of stone. Also in HD. [S]
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Homes Under the Hammer

52/80. Fearturing properties in Gorleston in Norfolk, Dover and Wolverhampton. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Close Calls: On Camera

18/20. Schoolgirl Molly recalls how she saved her stepfather's life by performing CPR, and an uncle and niece are rescued when their dinghy capsizes. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200603114500 +0100 to 20200603121500 +0100

Bargain Hunt

Anita Manning is at the Elsecar Heritage Centre with experts Tim Weeks and Caroline Hawley, helping the teams find the bargains that will hopefully make them a profit at auction. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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BBC News at One

The latest national and international news from the BBC. Also in HD. [S]
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East Midlands Today

The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands. [S]
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136/196. As Ayesha makes a decision on her future, Bear sees a side of her that shocks him, and Al to make a decision about his mum. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Father Brown

7/10. Drama series based on the novels of GK Chesterton. Father Brown deduces that the apparent suicide of a recently returned RAF pilot was actually murder. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200603141500 +0100 to 20200603150000 +0100

Escape to the Country

58/70. Sonali Shah helps a couple hoping to find a character property close to the Norfolk coast on a andpound;375,000 budget, where they can enjoy semi-retirement. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Garden Rescue

13/35. In Luton, Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers have a budget of andpound;5,000 to create a sensory garden with a 'holiday at home' feel for a family with special needs. Also in HD. [S]
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Antiques Road Trip

3/25. Charles Hanson and Christina Trevanion are road tripping around Yorkshire. While a silk evening gown turns heads, a trip to the loo may also prove profitable. Also in HD. [S]
20200603163000 +0100 to 20200603171500 +0100


Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Also in HD. [S]
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BBC News at Six

The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather. Also in HD. [S]
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East Midlands Today

The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands. [S]
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The One Show

Alex Jones brings you the stories that matter from across the country. Also in HD. [S]
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Highland Road Rescue - Our Lives

An intimate portrait of a family-run roadside recovery business in the Scottish Highlands, as they rescue stranded motorists on some of the most remote roads in Britain. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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The Repair Shop

In the Repair Shop today, the team tackle a shattered ceramic dish, a handmade doll's house and a vintage harmonium that provided the soundtrack to many an East End knees-up. Also in HD. [S,AD]
20200603200000 +0100 to 20200603210000 +0100

The Great British Sewing Bee

7/10. The six remaining home sewers head back in time to the 1980s, attempting to revive the glamorous - and sometimes ridiculous - style of that decade. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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BBC News at Ten

The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide. Also in HD. [S]
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East Midlands Today

The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands. [S]
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5/7. The senior partner at Ken's firm is retiring and Ken is in line for succession. Contains some strong language and some scenes of a sexual nature. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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6/7. A night-time intruder leaves Ken questioning his manliness. Rachel and Ben are moving in together and Rachel has a decision to make. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [S,AD]
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Football, Prince William and...

...our Mental Health. Following Prince William's campaign to get us to open up about mental health issues. Also in HD. [S]
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Weather for the Week Ahead

Detailed weather forecast. Also in HD. [S]
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BBC News

BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news. Also in HD. [S]
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