Hero Hindustani

1998/Comedy Agarwal realizes that Indian culture is completely alien to Niki Namrata Shirodkar. Therefore, he arranges a traditional Indian marriage, but Niki rebels. It also stars Arshad Warsi.
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Helicopter Eela

An aspiring singer and single mother, Eela gives up her dream for her son. Years later, when she joins him in college to make-up for what's lost, she smothers him with attention he doesn't crave for.
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A committed police officer is on a very dangerous mission to destroy the most corrupt person in the country, Siddharth Abhimanyu.
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Koffee With Karan

S5: 21 : Karan Johar gets up close and personal with various celebrities and discusses their lives.
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Reshammiya plays a singer who falls in love with a bar dancer Sara Loren and the film is centred on how they find true love. It also stars Amrita Singh and Gulshan Grover.
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Hawaa Hawaai

2014 Sport-drama. Arjun Partho Gupte, a poor boy working at a tea stall, aspires to become a skating champion. His dream comes true when Aniket Saqib, a skating coach, decides to train him.
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Four friends set out in their individual plans to marry wealthy Ritu Tanushree. Their plan however goes horribly wrong after they get embroiled with a notorious criminal.
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Nayak: The Real Hero

A common man is challenged by the CM to run the state for a day. His governance is such a success that the people force him into joining politics.
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Hero Hindustani

No Description
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