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FBI Files

Without Remorse. After shooting a cop, Michael Wayne painted his face silver and black and went on a killing rampage, leading the FBI into a deadly stand-off. S4, Ep14
20200920030000 +0100 to 20200920035000 +0100

Animal Cops Detroit

Incredible Rescues. A drug bust is held up until brave rescue driver DeAndre Folks removes four very aggressive pit bulls. Plus in another part of town a dog is shot in the head. S4, Ep1
20200920035000 +0100 to 20200920044000 +0100

Bondi Vet

James the pig can't stop demolishing the park, Tim comes face to face with Brutus the crocodile and a distressed owner believes her beloved dog has had a stroke. S5, Ep7
20200920044000 +0100 to 20200920053000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss

Girls, Girls, Girls. Sam's goal is to find a gown that she loves, and one that her sorority sisters will agree on. Jeannine is worried her friend Stephanie may have a panic attack. S2, Ep7
20200920053000 +0100 to 20200920060000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Canada

A Little Bit Country. Emily wants a dress that matches her favourite pair of cowboy boots, while Michelle and her entourage are at odds over possible gowns. S1, Ep13
20200920060000 +0100 to 20200920063000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Canada

Dress In The City. Kayla needs a dress that will sparkle for her Toronto Island wedding, while Hailey wants a dress that is chic and unique for her city hall ceremony. S1, Ep14
20200920063000 +0100 to 20200920070000 +0100

Bondi Vet

At the Bondi clinic, Chris must work out the best solution for a pup's badly deformed leg, a cat comes in after being run over, and Tim and Julie are collecting koala poo. S8, Ep6
20200920070000 +0100 to 20200920080000 +0100

Bondi Vet

Chris visits a deadly patient - a huge king brown snake that's bitten its own tail, and Andrew checks out a rescue dog with badly deformed back legs. Can he repair them? S8, Ep7
20200920080000 +0100 to 20200920090000 +0100

My 600-lb Life: Where Are...

...They Now? Chay and Pauline. Pauline must maintain her weight loss after emergency surgery. Meanwhile, the emotional stress of a big life change threatens to derail Chay's progress. S2, Ep4
20200920090000 +0100 to 20200920110000 +0100

My 600-lb Life

Charity's Story. Suffering from flesh-eating bacteria and weighing almost 800-lbs, Charity relies on her family. When bad news threatens her weight loss can she carry on? S3, Ep7
20200920110000 +0100 to 20200920120000 +0100

My 600-lb Life

Angel's Story. At 42 years old, Angel is staring death in the face. She is struggling to make a positive change and be an active part of her partner and son's lives. S3, Ep6
20200920120000 +0100 to 20200920130000 +0100


The Dutchman's Curse. A young bellhop goes missing on a treasure hunting trip in the Arizona wilderness. Will rescuers find Jesse or is he another victim of the Dutchman's Curse? S5, Ep78
20200920130000 +0100 to 20200920140000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress UK

Stand Your Ground. Danielle wants a sparkly gown, but she must convince her critical Nan! Tomboy Devina seeks a sexy silhouette to show off her assets - and match her trainers. S2, Ep26
20200920140000 +0100 to 20200920143000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress UK

Stuck On Style. Jennifer craves a high-neck Victorian style, but her wedding is three weeks away. Can David help? Giovanna wants a modern look, but her mum is fiercely traditional! S2, Ep27
20200920143000 +0100 to 20200920150000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Between a Sham-Rock and a Hard Place. A bride's mom and mother-in-law have conflicting opinions about the body art on her shoulder. Can the right dress bring this family together? S4, Ep7
20200920150000 +0100 to 20200920153000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Power Play. Jessica may leave empty handed when her demands have the staff running in circles. Monique breaks shop rules when she hands her dress decision over to her fiancandeacute;. S4, Ep8
20200920153000 +0100 to 20200920160000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Secret Princess. Tara always felt like the ugly duckling and now she's having a tough time seeing herself as a beautiful bride. Can the perfect gown make her feel like a princess? S4, Ep9
20200920160000 +0100 to 20200920163000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Dueling Divas. Talia wants to look diva-licious on her wedding day, but so does her mother. She even sneaks off during the appointment to pick out a MOB gown of her own. S4, Ep10
20200920163000 +0100 to 20200920170000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Never Been Kissed. Christina is longing for a lace gown but her father can't stand the look. Meanwhile, Consultant Flo has her hands full trying to please a seventeen-year-old bride. S4, Ep11
20200920170000 +0100 to 20200920173000 +0100

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

Skin Can't Win. Meg breaks Lori's number one rule by bring fiancandeacute; dress shopping with her. Kat has her heart set on a colourful gown while her mother is the more traditional sort. S4, Ep12
20200920173000 +0100 to 20200920180000 +0100

Long Island Medium

The Breaking Point. Theresa heads to Fire Island where she conducts one of the most powerful group readings of her life. Later, Theresa and Larry confront their marriage issues. S8, Ep6
20200920180000 +0100 to 20200920200000 +0100

Murder On CCTV

Maurice's Last Visitor. When Maurice Byrd is found shot dead in his home, security footage reveals he had many visitors before his body was discovered. But which one is the killer? S4, Ep7
20200921010000 +0100 to 20200921020000 +0100

Murder Comes to Town

He'd Do It Again. When the well-liked South Bend native, Tim Moore, seemingly vanishes one cold November night, residents begin to doubt the folks next door. S2, Ep5
20200921020000 +0100 to 20200921030000 +0100

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Tiny Monsters. Sherry's hoard has broken up her marriage. Now, authorities are threatening to take away her children and condemn her home. Can she break her bad habits? S3, Ep10
20200920200000 +0100 to 20200920210000 +0100

Faking It: Tears Of A Crime

Jeremy Bamber. In 1985, Jeremy Bamber shot his parents, his sister and her twin sons. He protested his innocence - what do his messages from prison reveal? S4, Ep2
20200920210000 +0100 to 20200920220000 +0100

My 3000-lb Family

The Andersons: Risks And Reveals. Shavonne risks her surgery approval when she is tempted by one last gluttonous meal. With his weight loss on track, Drew re-enters the dating world. S2, Ep10
20200920220000 +0100 to 20200920230000 +0100

My Feet Are Killing Me

Doctors Are The Worst Patients. After a horrific car accident as a child, Heather's ankle was rebuilt from parts of her body. Now, it's up to Dr. Vincent to help her walk again. S1, Ep7
20200920230000 +0100 to 20200921000000 +0100

Forensic Detectives

From the Ashes. See how arson investigators gather physical evidence and mount undercover and sting operations to crack insurance torchings and arson murders. S2, Ep9
20200921000000 +0100 to 20200921010000 +0100