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Counting Cars

Danny Doubles Down: The massive auto extravaganza known as SEMA is rolling into Las Vegas, and this time Danny will be ready. (S7, ep 10)
20191017030000 +0100 to 20191017040000 +0100

Ancient Aliens

The Hidden Empire: Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that China, with its history of technological advancement and isolationism, could have been the home of alien beings. (S9, ep 10)
20191017040000 +0100 to 20191017050000 +0100

Storage Wars

Top Meat and Greet: Kenny bids on a massive locker, Rene and Casey attempt to go small, and Shana and Edwina's mystery box is mislabelled. (S11, ep 1)
20191017050000 +0100 to 20191017053000 +0100

Storage Wars

Whiskers and Lies: Darrell breaks in the new guy, Brandi and Jarrod detect something mysterious in their unit, and Justin digs through a decent locker. (S11, ep 2)
20191017053000 +0100 to 20191017060000 +0100

Storage Wars

Crate Balls of Fire: The buyers face ten vaults belonging to the same owner. Ivy draws a nice profit, and Mary and Kenny do all of the heavy lifting. (S11, ep 3)
20191017060000 +0100 to 20191017063000 +0100

Storage Wars

Ivy Gets the Runaround: Dave learns that making a profit is sometimes like pulling teeth. Mary grinds to get into the black, and Ivy's locker ends up sucking and blowing. (S11, ep 4)
20191017063000 +0100 to 20191017070000 +0100

Forged In Fire

Ngombe Ngulu: The competing smiths must forge a weapon from an elevator cable, before two go on to recreate the African Ngombe Ngulu - an executioner's sword. (S4, ep 14)
20191017130000 +0100 to 20191017140000 +0100

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Specia

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels, this special will tell the history of this iconic toy's journey and the brand's multi-generational influence on car culture and design.
20191017140000 +0100 to 20191017150000 +0100

American Pickers

What's Inside The Vault?: When the guys visit a woman overwhelmed by an incredible inheritance, she opens the doors to a secret vault. (S9, ep 9)
20191017150000 +0100 to 20191017160000 +0100

Storage Wars

FA-La-La-Lala, La-La-La Locker!: Shana and Edwina bring their "Golden Girls" chic to Riverside, but end up phoning it in. A messy unit catches Dave's attention. (S11, ep 5)
20191017160000 +0100 to 20191017163000 +0100

Storage Wars

The Way Of The Yuuup!: Mary dabbles with Dave's dark arts. Brandi and Jarrod quit horsing around long enough to stumble across a wartime oddity. (S11, ep 6)
20191017163000 +0100 to 20191017170000 +0100

Storage Wars

Goat Tell it on the Mountain: The buyers head out to Lake Arrowhead, California, where Ivy puts economies of scale to the test. (S11, ep 7)
20191017170000 +0100 to 20191017173000 +0100

Storage Wars

New. Ivy: The Pro-fession-ale: Dave brings his mentor with him to Rancho Cucamonga, California, but has little to show for it. (S11, ep 8)
20191017173000 +0100 to 20191017180000 +0100

Pawn Stars

Prohibition Pawn: Chum checks out an antique corkscrew from the Prohibition era, while Rick checks out an 1834 book of the original rules of baseball. (S17, ep 9)
20191017180000 +0100 to 20191017183000 +0100

Pawn Stars

Pawn in the USA: Rick gets a visit from The Boss when a Bruce Springsteen tour jacket rocks into the store. Meanwhile, Corey checks out some motorcycle art. (S17, ep 10)
20191017183000 +0100 to 20191017190000 +0100

American Pickers

Have Yourself A Merry Pickers Christmas: Mike tries to put Frank in a Christmas mood by exploring two super-packed picks. (S9, ep 8)
20191017070000 +0100 to 20191017080000 +0100

American Pickers: Best Ofs

Wicked Pickahs: Mike and Frank barnstorm New England searching for treasures from Maine to Massachusetts; the guys pick a mansion in the old-money town of Newport, RI.
20191017080000 +0100 to 20191017090000 +0100

Pawn Stars

Promissory Pawn: A promissory note from the Mexican-American war comes into the shop, while Corey and Chum check out a water-propelled jetpack. (S17, ep 7)
20191017090000 +0100 to 20191017093000 +0100

Pawn Stars

Riders on the Pawn: Among the novel objects brought into the shop this time are a yearbook featuring Jim Morrison, and a signed buoy from the TV show Baywatch. (S17, ep 8)
20191017093000 +0100 to 20191017100000 +0100

Mountain Men

Birthright: Morgan is sidelined while he gets back on his feet. Marty fights to stay in the game, and Eustace makes a critical trade to protect his future. (S6, ep 9)
20191017100000 +0100 to 20191017110000 +0100

Moon Landings: Ancient Aliens

Space Station Moon: It was mankind's finest hour, the greatest technological achievement of the 20th century - the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.
20191017110000 +0100 to 20191017120000 +0100

Pawn Stars 20

New. Sign of the Times: Rick tries to prove the worth of an old Gulf sign to Corey, with a helping hand from Rick Dale. Then, the gang make a bet on an antique war knife. (S20, ep 13)
20191017120000 +0100 to 20191017130000 +0100

Nazi Gospels

A look at the sinister occult underpinnings of the Nazis, from the idea that the SS was an ancient knightly order to crazy cosmology, pagan rituals and the search for supermen in Tibet.
20191018010000 +0100 to 20191018030000 +0100

American Pickers Best Ofs

Best of Booms and Busts: Mike and Frank play a game of chance, buying items that will either bring in big cash or be a total bust.
20191017190000 +0100 to 20191017200000 +0100

Forged In Fire

The Javanese Kris: Bladesmiths salvage steel from a rusty pick-up truck to recreate the exotic Javanese Kris, favoured by Southeast Asian warriors. (S5, ep 33)
20191017200000 +0100 to 20191017210000 +0100

New: Pawn Stars 20

New. The Chuminator: Rick and Chumlee snap up some iconic set pieces from the Terminator movie in LA. Then, Corey gets some Alice in Chains memorabilia. (S20, ep 14)
20191017210000 +0100 to 20191017220000 +0100

New: Forged In Fire: Armed Forces

New. Finals: It's the grand final. Who will be crowned champion and walk away with $50,000? (5 of 5)
20191017220000 +0100 to 20191017230000 +0100

New: Arctic Alone

New. Tainted: As the survivalists hit the one-week mark, they make some risky choices in order to eat and the fear of serious infection becomes too much to bear for one. (S6, ep 2)
20191017230000 +0100 to 20191018000000 +0100

New: Forged In Fire: Knife Or Deat

New. Bladefest of Champions: The competitors who made it through Knife or Death once return for the winner-takes-all final showdown. (S2, ep 13)
20191018000000 +0100 to 20191018010000 +0100