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Wicked Tuna: North Vs South

Breaking Point: As mistakes and mechanical problems wear down the fleets, a sidelined Kahuna must race to catch up. Pinwheel tries to cash in as Reel E Bugging hits a setback. (S6, ep 14)
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Strippers: Cars For Cash

Off-Road Write-Offs: George and Sheldon strip a Land Rover 90 while Frankie and Ben pin their hopes on a Mitsubishi Pajero. Whose 4x4 parts will reap the biggest profit?
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New: Cruise TV With Loveitbookit

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WW2: Hell Under The Sea

Enigma Capture: September 1939. The life of German U-Boat Commander Fritz Julius Lemp takes a series of dramatic turns as he risks the wrath of Adolf Hitler. (S3, ep 2)
20210122080000 +0000 to 20210122090000 +0000

Nazi Weird War Two

Secret Art Fortress: A British officer makes a shocking find: at a 900-year-old castle near the front line lies a vast collection of priceless artworks. (S1, ep 3)
20210122090000 +0000 to 20210122100000 +0000

Megafactories: Coca-Cola

See the world's largest bottle recycling plant in North Carolina, find out how new drinks are made and discover the surprising ingredients that give Coke its unique flavour.
20210122100000 +0000 to 20210122110000 +0000

Inside Incredible Machines

Hovercraft: Chad joins a salvage team as they tear apart the world's biggest hovercraft. Then, he takes control of a life-saving, war-fighting US Navy hovercraft. (S1, ep 3)
20210122110000 +0000 to 20210122120000 +0000

Mine Kings

Dynamite Garnet: The team take on their most dangerous challenge yet when they dynamite an already perilous mine in search of Africa's infamous pink garnets. (S1, ep 5)
20210122120000 +0000 to 20210122130000 +0000

Mega Shipyards

Beached Barge: Yard owner Don is on tenterhooks as the greenhorns tackle a tricky overhaul. Plus, raising and moving a rusty old barge proves a risky job for Ryan's crew. (S1, ep 4)
20210122130000 +0000 to 20210122140000 +0000

Car S.O.S.

Austin Tilly Truck: Tim and Fuzz meet 89-year-old ex-soldier Ted who needs a hand to conserve the World War II Austin 10 utility truck he's been using on his farm for 60 years.
20210122140000 +0000 to 20210122150000 +0000

Car S.O.S.

Mazda RX-7: A Japanese sports car with an unusual engine presents Tim and Fuzz with a major challenge. Can they get charity worker Conor's much-loved Mazda back on the road? (S5, ep 10)
20210122150000 +0000 to 20210122160000 +0000

Ultimate Airport Dubai

A diverted plane threatens to strand hundreds of passengers 1,500 miles from Dubai. Plus, Leigh races the clock to fix a plane that's been damaged by lightning. (S3, ep 5)
20210122160000 +0000 to 20210122170000 +0000

Airport Security: Colombia

At Colombia's El Dorado International Airport, the anti-narcotics squad uncovers the heart-breaking story of a mother who risks it all for the sake of her children.
20210122170000 +0000 to 20210122180000 +0000

Britain's Underworld: Glasgow

Series lifting the lid on infamous crime bosses who ruled Britain's toughest cities from the 50s to the 90s, examining their crimes and power struggles with the police.
20210123000000 +0000 to 20210123010000 +0000

Drugs, Inc.

Boston Weed Party: In Boston, some students are selling drugs to fund their studies. But with National Weed Day looming, the police are about to make their jobs harder. (S7, ep 15)
20210123010000 +0000 to 20210123020000 +0000

Wicked Tuna

All Out Of Tomorrows: There's just 48 hours left to secure final paychecks, and newcomer Kraken is leading the fleet. Can the Gloucester crews defend their home turf? (S9, ep 15)
20210123020000 +0000 to 20210123030000 +0000

The New Air Force One: Flying...

...Fortress. A look at the overhaul of the two presidential planes, exploring the cutting-edge technology that transforms them into secure command centres. Suitable for all audiences.
20210122180000 +0000 to 20210122190000 +0000

Air Crash Investigation...

...Special Report. Maintenance Mistakes: A mechanic's error in judgement leads to a terrifying mid-flight disaster in Texas. Plus, botched maintenance leads to a life-and-death struggle.
20210122190000 +0000 to 20210122200000 +0000

Gold Diggers

Gold Bust: Doug's season couldn't have got off to a worse start. Meanwhile, fellow digger John Reeves uncovers evidence of gold on his land - but it's buried 130 feet deep. (S1, ep 3)
20210122200000 +0000 to 20210122210000 +0000

Yukon Gold

Hard Rain, Bad Luck: Karl struggles to find gold after heavy rain messes up his operation, while Bernie pushes his plant to the limit. (S4, ep 3)
20210122210000 +0000 to 20210122220000 +0000

Mine Kings

Seven Sapphire: The gem hunters travel to a small-scale mine in Madagascar in search of seven different-coloured sapphires. But can they find them all in just five days? (S1, ep 2)
20210122220000 +0000 to 20210122230000 +0000

Air Crash Investigation

Runway Collisions: Three catastrophic runway collisions raise the same pressing question: How could two planes end up on the same runway? Not recommended for children under 7.
20210122230000 +0000 to 20210123000000 +0000