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Love At The Shore

Young adult novelist Jenna plans to write while on summer holiday, but the carefree surfer next door is constantly interrupting. (2017)
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Can't Buy My Love

Hard-working Lilly finds herself re-evaluating her priorities when she meets wealthy slacker Jack. (2017)
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A Feeling of Home

Abby is contentedly making a web series in New England, until she returns home to Texas and runs into a former lover. (2019)
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Frozen in Love

When a hockey player and a book-store owner team up to help each other with an image makeover, they soon realise that opposites attract. (2018)
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Love at First Dance

A dance teacher tries to teach New York's former 'Most Eligible Bachelor' how to dance for his wedding - but soon, sparks fly between the two. (2018)
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A Moving Romance

Emily inherits her family's moving company and immediately butts heads with manager Scott, who thought he was being groomed to take over. (2016)
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Tulips in Spring

When an interior designer returns home to help out at her family's tulip farm, she begins a blossoming romance with a handsome 'flower broker'. (2016)
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Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery

When a body is found inside an old Victorian mansion Shannon is renovating, she must solve the mysterious murder in order to save the house. (2017)
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Home for Harvest

A travel writer is surprised to be sent back to the home town she left, heartbroken, years before. She meets a new man, and also her ex. (2019)
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Wedding at Graceland

After their whirlwind romance, Laurel and Clay are set to tie the knot at the King's mansion -andnbsp;but will everything go to plan? (2019)
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Usually easygoing Tucker (Darin Brooks) becomes obsessed with planning his upcoming wedding. Can his grandmother's ring be to blame? (2017)
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