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Prescription for Love

Unhappy with her job on account of a bothersome supervisor, a young woman strives to find love with a charming new doctor. (2019)
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Love in Design

A TV decorator returns to her hometown to renovate a historic manor and must find a balance between old and new with her old flame. (2018)
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Bottled with Love

Abbey, disappointed in love, expresses her feelings in a message in a bottle. The man who finds it then gets in touch with her. (2019)
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Snow Bride

A tabloid reporter is one scoop away from a big promotion when she finds the political family she's pursuing are nothing like she imagined. (2013)
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Destination Wedding

Ellie has planned the perfect wedding for her sister - but when the bride and groom don't turn up, Ellie and the best man scramble to save the day. (2017)
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All for Love

A timid romance novelist researching her latest book develops unexpected feelings for the Navy man she's studying. (2017)
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Garage Sale Mystery: Picture a...

...Murder. Amateur sleuth Jennifer discovers evidence of a murder in undeveloped negatives she finds in a vintage camera collection. (2018)
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The Chronicle Mysteries:...

...The Wrong Man. Alex McPherson seeks the truth behind the tragic death of a lawyer while his partner Drew finds himself diving into the mishaps of a shipping company. (2018)
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Timeless Love

A woman with a dream domestic life wakes from a coma to find it really was a dream -andnbsp;but then meets her imagined husband for real. (2019)
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Home by Spring

An ambitious event planner goes undercover as her boss in order to pull off the perfect summer retreat in her home town. (2018)
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Love on the Menu

In order to save his restaurant from closing, a chef agrees to work with an executive from a frozen food company. (2019)
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